two apps to keep you focused!

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two apps to keep you focused : time doctor and habitrpg

1). Time Doctor ( Admittedly, I may have been attracted to this site because it made me think of Dr. Who (where are all my Nine fans at?), but after downloading it, I can't stay away. I found a free one year subscription on, another amazing site I'll have to talk about sometime, and immediately got it. It claims to be the app that helps you spend your time wisely, and can give you the tools needed to revise how you approach your day so you get more done in less time. Who doesn't like the sound of that?
Currently they have a free 30 day trial with no CC required- fantastic for all of us who forget to cancel free trials. After that it's 9.99 a month for accounts with 2 users, $5 for one user accounts, and a free plan with limited features. And, honestly, unless you're a business, the free plan should be perfectly fine. 
Here's an example of how it helps:

You start off by setting up a task (the tutorial will show you how to do that). My main ones are 'work on my blog,' 'do homework,' and 'job search.' Start the timer and begin to work! You can pause at any time to take a break and you can set up reminders to make sure you're focused on your task. I have mine set to remind me every 15 minutes. 

"So... how does that help?" Well, as you can see from the first image, at the time of the screenshot I had been working for 53 minutes and I only went 'on break' for a minute to take a screenshot. For people like me who are motivated by numbers, this is a great tool. I like seeing that I've invested more time into being productive than not. 
Also, the little bar follows you. No matter what website you go on, it's there. Watching you. Like Big Brother, but more productive! So it's a constant reminder that you probably have better things to be doing than scrolling through Tumblr. 

2). HabitRPG ( I love RPGs, you guys. They're addictive and fun, both of which are two things that are great in productivity apps. On HabitRPG you set up:
    • habits you'd like to form or get rid of. For example, if you want to buy less fast food, set up a habit. If you cave in and buy some, hit the minus sign and it hurts your character's health. Another example is doing laundry once a week. If you follow through, hit the plus sign to gain experience! 
  • daily tasks, like spend 15 minutes picking up around the house or 30 minutes on homework. 
  • to do list, a must have for productivity! Once you check something off, you gain exp and there's no damage for not completing these.
  • rewards, both in game and in real life. You can set up rewards that you purchase with gold. You get the gold in game by following through on tasks and habits.

So there are my two favorite productivity apps! I hope these help you guys out, especially my fellow students. We all could use a little more productivity.

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