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In the short time I've had this blog, I think I've made it abundantly clear that I love free (or very, very cheap) things. My very first blog post was about Amazon Review Trader, a place to get free or deeply discounted items in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. Since then I've tried similar sites. I've had some hits and misses - mostly misses - but I finally found a great one and I'm so excited to share it with you guys!

Allstar Reviewers ( the website I'm going to talk about today. I signed up on June 5th and got an email asking for people to sign up for their "Guaranteed Reviewers List." To be added to the list, your Amazon account had to have 2 reviews on any items made in the last 60 days. Since I had been reviewing items from amzreviewtrader, that was no problem. I sent in my info on the sixth and heard back with a notification I was added to the list on the tenth.

Since then I've gotten two emails about free items. Well, I've noticed two. There's a great chance I've accidentally deleted some or missed out on some because their emails go to my promotion tab. 

The first batch of items was 12 essential oils valued at over $200. For free. With free shipping (and Amazon prime wasn't even required). The shipment came pretty quickly; I ordered on the 7th and it came the following Tuesday. I'll have a more detailed review post up soon.

The next day I got another email about a free Frankincense oil and I quickly got that one as well. Since that was only one item, it came quicker. One oil in the first package came opened and spilled everywhere, but other than that I had no problems.

Allstar Reviewers is a great review trading website, but it's definitely for those of us who can be more patient. The products aren't in such great quantity like amzreviewtrader, but when they pop up they're good ones.


Customer service: N/A, I did not have to contact them. 
Website: Very easy to use and sign up. I had difficulties with amzreviewtrader at first, but Allstar's website very clearly states where to sign up. 
Products: * Keep in mind that these products do not come from the company! So I'll actually be rating the availability and stuff. :-) * I feel like I have missed and deleted emails from them, so I can't accurately asses this one. I do know that when they have products available, they go super quickly and the codes are only available until midnight the night they send them out. 
Overall: A+! If you're a person with some patience and a willingness to keep an eye on your inbox for new invites, this site is awesome for you. Additionally, you don't need Prime to get use out of this. Both orders I placed required you to not use Prime, but I was still given free shipping.

So go! Run - carefully! Get your free products now! :-)
If you get any, be sure to share pictures with me on twitter or instagram (un: jen_chagnon). ♥  

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