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Friday favorites for july 10th, 2015

This past week has been hectic. Potential roommate meet-ups, so. many. job applications filled out, huge rushes at work from people coming home from the holiday weekend, and so on. This week hasn't provided much sleep, but it has given me opportunities to be productive! I collected some of my favorite books, smelly-things (the good kind, don't worry), and youtube channels to share with you all this week. Some are long time faves, some are recent. :-)

philosophy: I got this little set of perfumes from philosophy after I graduated from high school. I have mostly used them before going to job interviews, because they're more ~sophisticated than my bath and body works body sprays (which I still love, of course).  

foxbrim: aka my new favorite company. The peptide complex moisturizer and orange blossom water toner (which is a fancy way of saying toner and moisturizer) are my favorite products from them currently. I work in a really hot grill area, which means sweat + grease on my skin. And with bangs, my skin gets even worse. So after work I like to wash my face and then use my toner and moisturizer. The toner smells very fresh and reminds me of nature... as I sit indoors writing blog posts. ;)

My favorite thing about Foxbrim is they do not test on animals and all but one of the products I have from them were made and bottled in the US. The only one not made in the US is the toner, which was imported from Morocco. 

daily candy: This book is colorful, beautifully illustrated, and full of a lot of negative things (it can be very shaming at times). Despite that last point, it's wonderful to look at the multitude of colors on every page. Plus, it was only $1 at the Dollar Store, so I won't mind if I cut it up to use in a dream board!

And finally, let's talk about some amazing youtubers.
rhett and link: my number one faves. Their daily talkshow (yes, daily. As in old Grace Helbig, 5 days a week type of daily) makes me laugh and helps me escape from the world everyday. I've watched every video at least twice and they never get old. (channel, recommended video)

ingrid nilson: she's a bundle of sweet wrapped in a blanket of adorable. Recently, she made a video about coming out and it was so... amazing, touching, and real.  So often beauty gurus seem to be superficial and caught up in themselves that I forget they're real people and not corporate sponsored robots. Ingrid is that little reminder that brings me back to reality. (channel, recommended video)

anna akana: and you cannot mention realness without talking about anna. She is an open book. Almost every video she makes leaves me yes 'dude, yes. that is so me.' at the end. Her videos resonate with me in a way that a great book or album does. They get stuck in your brain and follow you around, reminding you you're not alone. In a good way, of course. ;) (channel, recommended video)

clacali: I've only recently found her channel, but there's something about her that keeps me coming back. Her DIY 'LUSH' style items are so perfect. I've watched a million tutorials for bath bombs but her video explained everything so smoothly that I actually understood what she was saying. I can't wait to see more from her! (channel, recommended video)

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