college tips :: living on campus vs commuting

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So almost everyone has started classes now, but since my main focus on HTPC is college, I'm going to continue with my B2S series in a way. Instead of it being named 'Back to School 2015,' it'll be 'College Tips'! You can always review my B2S posts here, though.


My freshman year I lived in the dorms on campus. I liked it and do miss it now, but it wasn't all sunshine and gumdrops. But neither is commuting / living off campus! In this post I'm going to highlight what I've found to be the pros and cons of both living situations. 

monthly goals + end of the month review :: september 2015

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I work best with small ideas. 'Clean the counters,' 'do 30 minutes of homework,' 'take the trash out.' The idea of sitting down and thinking of every single thing that needs to be done frightens and overwhelms me to the point where I do nothing. So instead of freaking out over my list of 500 things, I'm going to try setting monthly goals of 5ish things. Some personal, some blog related.