monthly goals + end of the month review :: september 2015

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I work best with small ideas. 'Clean the counters,' 'do 30 minutes of homework,' 'take the trash out.' The idea of sitting down and thinking of every single thing that needs to be done frightens and overwhelms me to the point where I do nothing. So instead of freaking out over my list of 500 things, I'm going to try setting monthly goals of 5ish things. Some personal, some blog related. 


I'm going to focus on two main places: my closet and my bathroom. I'm going to go through all my clothes and sort them to figure out what stuff to donate or throw out because I have far too much I don't wear. Then it's on to the bathroom, where I'll throw out: expired products, things I never use, things I hate but keep for some reason. I'm also aiming to try out some products I've never or rarely used, to determine whether or not to keep them.


School is starting soon, which means less time to write. So I want to have 5 already written, quality posts in case I fall behind on blog upkeep. 5 is a good number for me because it allows me to have one per week, plus an extra so I can always be ahead for next month.


That means writing down everything from my syllabus, getting the needed books, and actually trying to do well instead of getting frustrated. I'm taking a lot of math based classes this semester, so I'm going to fully utilize the math tutoring lab!


The bathroom my roommate and I share has been dirty since I moved in, and I've hesitated cleaning it because it's mainly her bathroom since I have one in my room. But since we both use the shower, I can at the very least clean that. And it needs it. 


     August has been good to me. I just recently cut 10 inches off of my hair and, while it'll take getting used to, I really love it. It feels and looks healthier, it's not heavy and hot, and it looks pretty cute! I also went to a new nail salon and man, does it feel good to have my stiletto nails again. The place was really sweet and inexpensive, and the girls there were so nice!
     This month I also adopted my cat, Barry. We named him after Barry Allen aka the Flash, and it's very fitting. Every night at like, 2 am, he starts running around chasing his little fish toy. He moves about as fast as the Flash! I've missed having a pet since moving up to Michigan for school and he's pretty low maintenance compared to the crazy dogs I'm used to!

Do any of you have monthly goals for September? I know for a lot of people school will be starting then or has started already, so it's a good idea to set up school orientated goals for yourself!

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  1. Love the haircut!
    My #1 goal for September is to start off my semester in an organized and positive way!
    I would also like to write a couple extra blog posts for those times that school get a little hectic.

    Desiree |