two essential oils to help your hair :: amzreviewtrader

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Tea Tree Oil (mine is from Apothecary Extracts*) has shown to be effective with things like dandruff and acne, and is often found in low concentrations in some cosmetics! TTO can be used by most adults (it's not recommended for children!) when diluted.

friday favorites :: hair edition

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This Friday's favorites is going to be focused on hair products. I won't be including shampoo + conditioner, because I don't have any of the bottles to photograph!

finding your balance :: surviving college, work, + life.

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You're a college freshman. You've just moved into your dorm, you have no idea how to get to your first class, where you can use your meal plan at, or how to talk to anyone you see. That's okay. 
You've already been through all of that. You're working 40+ hours a week, taking 19 credit hours, and wondering how you're going to pay rent or buy next semester's books. And because of that, you feel scared or alone or too stressed out. That's okay. 
You're not even in college - you can't imagine finding the time or money to attend - but you're still stressed between this bill and that late fee and this emergency. You don't know what to do. And that's okay too. 

Let's talk through it.

youphoria yoga mat :: amazon review

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I talked about amzreviewtrader previously (see the post here) and since then I have gotten a few more items and have more arriving by next week. I'm going to be reviewing some of the items I've bought because I think it lends credibility to the site, which is something all sites should have!

Most of the items I bought I chose "no rush shipping" so I could get a free $1 credit for them, but I chose two day shipping for this yoga mat because of how excited I was to get it! The color options are black, green, blue, and pink and the original price is $35. I was able to buy it for $3.99, which is a good price for a yoga mat of any quality, honestly. 

friday favorites :: makeup edition

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just call me jane dough :: simple focaccia rolls

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I know, my joke was a little... dry. Wheat can I say, I love bad jokes!
All joking aside, this is one recipe you knead to know. That was the last one, promise.

25 before 25 :: a bucket list.

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New months mean new beginnings.
That's not cliche at all, right? You know what else isn't cliche? Bucket lists.

25 before 25:
» Go to an outdoor concert
» Explore Ypsi and Ann Arbor more. 
» Go canoeing again.
» Make homemade bread.
» Read 50 books in 1 year (in 2013 the highest I made it was 47 books in a year)
» See Twenty One Pilots live.
» Go hiking and don't feel bad for stopping to take pictures. We live in a digital
    age and that's okay. 
» Have an emergency fund. Just open a savings account.
   Even if it's only $10 per paycheck, save something.
» Go to Ikea.
» Take the time to revisit places, because buildings and people won't be
   the same forever.
» Don't settle for experiencing half of what the world has to offer because
   you're afraid.
» Take a yoga class. Or a zumba class. Or something where you can have fun
    with others.
» Buy a car.
» Get something published.
» Get a book, go to the student center, and spend the afternoon reading.
    Bring a snack or enjoy an overpriced frappe from Starbucks.
» Identify your fears.
» Find a hobby that makes you happy to do. Don't do it because everyone's
   talking about it on Pinterest or you think it'll make you look cool. Just do it
   for you.
» Keep a journal.
» Grow a windowsill garden. 
» Step out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you could do.
» Make it a habit to disconnect and enjoy life without cellphones and tablets.
» Go out to lunch more --- alone. 
» Following a similar idea, go to the movies alone. You can have fun on your own.
   Plus, it's cheaper when you don't have a plus one. 
» Learn how to make your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. They won't
   taste the same, but you'll appreciate it more because you invested time in it.
» and finally... Get my degree. :-) 

trade your reviews for discounted products!

Do you want discounted products in exchange for Amazon reviews? Heck yeah you do!

Despite this intro sounding like a bad scam email, the website I'm about to talk about is actually real and trustworthy! is a place where companies put their products up at discounted prices and all they ask in return is for the reviewer (that's us!) to give them an honest review.

How do I know it works? I've used it, of course. It is best to use it in conjunction with Amazon Prime so you can score free shipping, though.

So what have I gotten so far? A few great items.
  • Foxbrim Dead Sea Mud Mask for 1.00
  • Foxbrim 'Youthful Radiance' Eye Cream for 1.00
  • 'Curve' headphones by Sentey for 1.99
  • Hair Growth Vitamins (5000 MCG Biotin) for .10 cents 

                           Singing up is 100% free (don't trust those sites that make you pay.
                             You should never have to pay to have access to a site like this!)
                             and really simple. Just go to to get started.

Thanks for reading!