25 before 25 :: a bucket list.

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New months mean new beginnings.
That's not cliche at all, right? You know what else isn't cliche? Bucket lists.

25 before 25:
» Go to an outdoor concert
» Explore Ypsi and Ann Arbor more. 
» Go canoeing again.
» Make homemade bread.
» Read 50 books in 1 year (in 2013 the highest I made it was 47 books in a year)
» See Twenty One Pilots live.
» Go hiking and don't feel bad for stopping to take pictures. We live in a digital
    age and that's okay. 
» Have an emergency fund. Just open a savings account.
   Even if it's only $10 per paycheck, save something.
» Go to Ikea.
» Take the time to revisit places, because buildings and people won't be
   the same forever.
» Don't settle for experiencing half of what the world has to offer because
   you're afraid.
» Take a yoga class. Or a zumba class. Or something where you can have fun
    with others.
» Buy a car.
» Get something published.
» Get a book, go to the student center, and spend the afternoon reading.
    Bring a snack or enjoy an overpriced frappe from Starbucks.
» Identify your fears.
» Find a hobby that makes you happy to do. Don't do it because everyone's
   talking about it on Pinterest or you think it'll make you look cool. Just do it
   for you.
» Keep a journal.
» Grow a windowsill garden. 
» Step out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought you could do.
» Make it a habit to disconnect and enjoy life without cellphones and tablets.
» Go out to lunch more --- alone. 
» Following a similar idea, go to the movies alone. You can have fun on your own.
   Plus, it's cheaper when you don't have a plus one. 
» Learn how to make your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. They won't
   taste the same, but you'll appreciate it more because you invested time in it.
» and finally... Get my degree. :-) 


  1. Great list. I hope you accomplish what you dream.

  2. Good luck with all of this! I almost went to see Twenty One Pilots live last year! Hoping to be able to this year when they come back to where I live. How'd you like their new album?

    1. Blurryface is awesome! When Fairly Local was released I was nervous bc it was so different from Vessel, but I ended up loving it. :) How do you like it?
      I'm from sort of near Columbus, so I was so hoping to go to one of their hometown shows one day.