ten time saving beauty tips!

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( photo from Leigh Kendell on unsplash, editing by Jen Chagnon )

Ten Time Saving Makeup Tips
aka “I overslept and have to leave in 20 minutes” tips!

1). Mascara + red lipstick = trick people into thinking you’re put together.
Red lipstick usually makes someone look like they put a lot of effort into their look, even if the only other thing they have on is mascara. It can take you from ‘just rolled out of bed’ to ‘why yes, I am from Mad Men’ in 0.2 seconds.
2). Hawkeye your face.
aka Follow the words of Jeremy Renner and frame your face. Attend to your brows, lashes, and lips primarily. Mascara helps open your eyes and makes you look more awake. And ever since the general public became obsessed with brows, doing yours is essential (unless you have bangs)!
3). Put white eyeshadow on the corners of your eyes to look more awake.
If you’re totally short on time, put a little concealer under your eyes to combat dark circles and put some white eyeshadow on the corners of them to look wide awake. Alternatively, you could also drink everything in Starbucks, but then you run the risk of having a caffeine crash. #worthit?
4). Use eyeshadows with duochrome pigments.
Instead of layering and blending 500 eyeshadows (I’m looking at you, youtube gurus), use a shadow like one from L’Oreal’s Infallible line that has more than one color in it. The multiple colors gives it more depth, making it look like you used every Mac eyeshadow brush in order to achieve your look when in reality you just used your fingers because you forgot to wash your brushes.
5). Skip the foundation and use BB Cream instead.
A bb cream will give you light coverage and you can apply it with your fingers.
6). Put on your (sun)glasses.
If you don’t have time to enhance, it’s time to distract. If you normally wear contacts so your falsies and winged eyeliner aren’t hidden behind your frames, switch it up. You can get away with a lot less eye makeup when you’re wearing glasses. Sunglasses are also good for hiding everything, but be careful your boss doesn’t question you about having a hangover.
7). Limit yourself.
Give yourself 3 to 4 songs to get your makeup done. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re perfecting your wings.
8). Save the new ideas for later that day.
Yeah, that girl on Instagram makes her falsies look flawless, but you probably won’t be able to apply them in 5 minutes. And sure, that ombre lipstick look is awesome but can it really be done without making you late? It’s better to just save the new ideas for later when you don’t actually have to go anywhere. Give yourself time to practice!
9). Do your most important things first (makeup wise and not).
Don’t skip breakfast in favor of contouring. Don’t forgo a shower so you can instead even out your liner. And also, start with that makeup items you’d feel awkward not having on. If you always want full brows, start with that. If you can go without lipstick, save that for last. Prioritization is key.
10). Keep a small makeup bag with your essentials in it.
In an ideal world, we’d all have perfect lipstick that didn’t feather, mascara that didn’t flake, and eyeshadow that didn’t crease. Unfortunately, this is the real world. And sometimes we wake up late or miss the bus or get stuck in traffic. To combat these situations, keep a small bag with what you deem to be ‘essentials’ so you can do your makeup at work, before class, or while stuck in traffic. Just don’t do it while you’re driving!

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  1. Red lipstick really does make someone look put together. It puts you at bombshell status lol. My favorite lipstick.