june 2015 favorites


June has been a great month and it makes me sad that 2015 is going by so quickly. Soon I'll be starting my junior year of college, I'll be writing for a new blog (but keeping this one, of course), and who knows what else. Anyways, enough about all that. Let's get on with my favorite products from June!

 • I'm not crazy about the price of
the subscription, but when they have their sales, you can get quite a few for a great price.

• I'm in love with the one I have named Jennifer (guess why). It's a gorgeous pearl color that is great for a 'no polish' look.

• If you'd like to try out Julep, you can sign up through my referral link here or google Julep! They always have free boxes for new members, so be sure to google codes for those!

• I got this in a Beauty Army box at the start of the year and I love it. I use it primarily as a lip stain as my cheeks are already red enough.

• My sample is 0.09 fl oz and the full size is 0.6 fl oz and retails for $24. Not very cheap, right? So I probably won't repurchase, but I'll enjoy my sample.

• It's great for layering over too drying matte formulas as it helps the lipsticks keep their matteness (is that a word??) while stopping the drying you get with some matte lipsticks.

• Sally Hansen's 'Nail Nutrition' has made my nails grow kind of crazy fast. They usually get broken because of my job, but they've been steadily growing for the past two weeks I've been using it.

• Nail Tek's cuticle oil with tea tree oil (which I love) helps my horrible cuticles. 8+ hours in sweaty latex gloves = bad cuticles. Those same bad cuticles + this oil = happy hands. It's a formula you just can't say no to!


  1. love the photos. the julep polishes looked great! I only have a green one from them that I got from VidCon last year :)


    1. ooh and I love your comment section :D

    2. Thank you! Their nailpolishes are nice but definitely not very wallet friendly, haha.

  2. My cuticles are the WORST! Thanks for sharing about the tea tree cuticle oil. It sounds really promising!

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  3. Great items! Love the colors of the nail polish!