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Whether you have no backdrops and are just taking pictures wherever you can or if you're tired of using the same backdrop over and over again, this post is for you!

     :: Ah, so classic. They provide a simple, clean, white background that's perfect for taking almost any kind of photo. Foamboard is sturdier, so if you're taking photos outdoor or using it against a wall, it'll stay better. Posterboard, in my experience, is easier to paint. And colored posterboard is not only more expensive but also very limited in color choices. So what you can't find at the store, you can paint! Cheap paint (that usually runs for about .59 cents at most craft stores) and foam brushes + posterboard = magical goodness.
COST: Posterboard is 2/$1 at the Dollar Tree, while foamboard is $1

     :: I love the look of marble. It's clean like white posterboard, but the grays in it add something that catches your eye. Items go from "item on a white background" to "wow, that item sure is fancy." I picked up 2 marble tiles at Lowe's on sale for about $3 each. I suggest getting two unless you 100% know you'll only be shooting small items from above. Because if you ever want to get any angle, you might photograph some background items that don't fit. If you have two pieces, you can prop one up behind it to make sure all you get is the tile!

COST: Watch for tiles to go on sale at home improvement stores. They can range from $1 (for small pieces) to $10.

     :: I love wrapping paper, but I don't use it enough to warrant spending $6 on a roll at Target. Or at least, I didn't use it enough... until now. Using wrapping paper will work best in conjunction with foam board. Just lay the wrapping paper over the board, smooth it so there are no wrinkles, and tape to secure it. Voila, instant fabulousness.

COST: You can get some at the Dollar Tree for $1 or Target for $3 to $6

     :: These will really only work with smaller items, but they're great to have just in case. Find a large enough one with a cute print, lay your item on top, and snap away! The best part is that you can always reuse them for giving actual gifts!
COST: Again, look at the Dollar Tree! Prices for gift bags range from under $1 to $5 

     :: Similar to the tiles, you can buy slabs of wood at home improvement stores. You can leave it as is or paint them, finish them, or distress them.
COST: Depends on the size and type of wood, but generally ranges from $3 to $10 per piece.

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  1. Great ideas! I just have one white poster board paper that I use, and I really need to mix it up. Thanks for the inspiration!